About Us

The Brand

Lottie J. is a queer woman-owned, handmade underwear and lingerie brand. We aim to make products that fit bodies, all of them.

All production is completed in house.

Every Lottie J. piece is handmade by a team of just a couple people.

Our online shop officially opened in January of 2019. Since then, we've grown from what looked like it might be a standard underwear line into a brand that is focused on the experience of the wearer. As of late our focus has included figuring out how to accommodate any fit need, especially those sacred departures from what has been historically set as "standard" by the fashion industry.

Providing a shopping experience that doesn't involve navigating around systemic structures is entirely possible, and we are striving to make that a reality with the limited resources available to us as a very small slow fashion brand.


The Founder

Hi, I'm LJ, the founder, designer, and production lead of Lottie J. Lingerie.

I am an artist first, with an innate understanding of how things are made. I am a self-taught designer and sewest, I’m queer, and I fucking love underwear.

My brand began passively developing in 2013 as my personal lingerie collection grew, and the community of fellow collectors and makers started to feel integral to my identity. Making wearables has honed my sense of self and self image, my autonomy, and understanding the importance of art and fashion in expressing identity, sexual or otherwise. Building Lottie J. as a brand has taught me that the general standards and expectations of size, gender, ability, and productivity are an exceptionally harmful delusion.

All I want for the future of this brand is to be real about the things that people experience, to listen to them about their needs, and not to lose sight of how all of these things inform Lottie J.

Thanks for being here. I’d love to sew for you.