Fit Guide

Our size chart is a suggestion, not a hard rule.

All handmade items are made with supportive materials that have generous stretch. When in doubt, size down, especially if you prefer a snug fit.

Don't see your size? We always offer custom fit for any fit need.


Size Chart

unit of measurement below is inches

size chest bust under bust natural waist low waist hips/butt
XXS 26-31 28-32 25-28 22-25 22-27 31-35
XS 30-35 31-37 27-30 24-27 24-29 32-36
S 32-37 33-39 28-33 26-31 25-31 35-39
M 34-39 35-42 30-35 28-35 28-34 35-40
L 36-42 39-46 32-38 31-38 31-38 37-42
XL 38-45 40-48 33-40 35-42 35-43 38-45
1X 42-50 42-50 34-42 37-45 38-46 43-50
2X 46-55 45-55 36-45 40-48 42-50 45-55
3X 50-59 50-60 38-47 43-52 45-55 50-60
4X 56-64 55-65 45-55 45-55 50-60 55-65
5X 61-70 59-74 61-71 49-64 55-61 61-72

How to take your measurements

Grab a measuring tape and maybe a friend. Take your measurements nice and snug—but never squeezing. Measure twice to double check!

Chest: Wrap your measuring tape around you just under the armpit. The tape should lay across your sternum area to measure your chest. This measurement is taken above the bust/full bust measurement.

Bust/Full Bust: Start at the fullest part of your bust. For some this will be your nipple but not necessarily. Wrap the tape all the way around your torso here.
If you find this easier with some extra support, you can wear your favorite unlined bra while you take this measurement.

Under Bust/Rib Cage: Wrap the measuring tape around your ribcage area. This will be just under where your chest/breast tissue stops and your midsection begins.

Natural Waist: Find the space between your lowest rib and the top of your hip bone. If you're able, bending side to side can help. Wrap your measuring tape all the way around this part of your body, making sure its parallel to the ground.

Low Waist: Your low waist is the area between your natural waist and the fullest part of your hip. Take this measurement by wrapping the tape in the area under your natural waist but above your booty.
If you have a bigger belly, make sure to include that and don't measure underneath it.

Hip: Your hip measurement is actually your booty measurement, so wrap the tape around the fullest part of your butt to find the most accurate number.

Thigh Crease: The thigh crease is where the top of your thigh meets your torso. Wrap your tape all the way around one thigh, at the very top of the leg, angled upwards at the side. Picture the leg hole on a classic pair of briefs. That leg hole is your thigh crease measurement.

Under Bust to Crotch: Use your measuring tape vertically, starting at the underbust and draping it down in a taut line to just between your legs, at crotch heigh. There is no need to wrap the tape around the body to the back side.

Some additional measurements may be requested when ordering custom fit items, for example bust or tummy width, etc. 


Custom Fit Info

Wait time: 12-14 weeks
Custom orders are exempt from our 6-8 week lead time.

If our size chart doesn't reflect your measurements or fit needs we can make modifications to custom build our existing items with your needs as our starting point.

  • Crotch fit: narrow, wide, extra wide, pouch, tuck/gaff, pack
    • For detailed explanation of all crotch fit options, visit our dedicated Custom Fit page
  • More low belly or apron belly coverage
  • Long or short torso
  • Full bust and full bust with narrow underbust

We are happy to provide a custom fit as long as you can provide the information necessary. We do not offer design alteration to our existing products as part of our custom offerings.

Learn more about Custom Fit here.